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The waterpebble gets water wasters out of the shower. It is a water activated shower timer, designed by the award winning design studio of Priestmangoode.

Green - start showering
Yellow - you're halfway through
Red- end of shower


A series of soft flashing lights indicate how much time you are spending compared to the benchmark, when it flashes red your time is up encouraging you to save water, energy and money. Waterpebble helps to change peoples water consumption habits gradually.

shorten showers
+save water
save energy
so saving you money!


Showering accounts for 17 percent of the water that Americans use inside their homes, or 1.2 trillion gallons of water used in the United States each year. By following the easy to understand patented Traffic Light system an average family of four could save up to $300 per year on water and energy costs. Including 12,700 gallons of water.

Clever - just set it and forget it!

You are now saving money and reducing your carbon footprint!

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Water Saving Tipswaterpebble


water pebbleWash only full loads of laundry and dishes

Fix household leaks promptly

Turn off the water when brushing teeth

water pebbleBuy high-efficiency toilets and washers

waterpebbleMulch! organic mulch around plants .

waterpebbleWater plants in the early morning

waterpebbleTaller grass holds soil moisture better

waterpebbleGo to a commercial carwash

waterpebbleInstall a rain sensor on your irrigation control

Install covers on pools and spas

Compost, don't use the garbage disposal

Use rainbarrels to collect water

Place water-saving aerators on all faucets

waterpebbleDon't let the faucet run while you wash foods

water pebbleWater your lawn only when it needs it!

waterpebbleShare conservation tips with your friends



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