the eco friendly water activated shower timer






Size: 2” x 0.8”mm 
Packaged (8.25” x 4.4” x 1.1”)
Weight: 1 oz unpackaged
2 oz packed
Replaceable Battery : standard Li3V CR2032
Fully recyclable

Hotel / Commercial waterpebble features

4 minute timer
+save water
save energy
so saving you money!


Showering accounts for 17 percent of the water that Americans use inside their homes, or 1.2 trillion gallons of water used in the United States each year. By following the easy to understand patented Traffic Light system an average family of four could save up to $300 per year on water and energy costs. Including 12,700 gallons of water.


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Waterpebble Reviews

"Well what can I say, a fab item , we have been using this now for a little over 1 month and its changed the showering habits of my two daughters, we now get 2/3 showers per tank, so we are doing our little bit to save the planet, but the really big plus is my stress levels have reduced as well, i am no longer yelling at them to get out of the shower .. really .."

by Scott Anderson

"Its like a little disco each time I have a shower! Looking forward to my next water bill, keep up the good work!!"

by Will

"The guilt trip works. Already saving five minutes."

by Maria

"I love my Waterpebble, easy way to save money and it feels good to know I’m helping the enviroment too."

by Sophie

"My Kid's love it and great gadget for helping kids to understand the value of Water going down the drain.
Quality: Better than what I expected for such a gadget
Packaging & Delivery was per expectation.

by Shiva

"Ideal for that teenager in your life that spends forever in the shower. The small pebble is egg-shaped and similar in size and changes colour during the shower. It gives a warning when you have spent long enough under the power shower ( i.e someone else is footing the bill!)"


"Easy to set up - just put it in the shower. Press the reset button if it the first shower you have doesn't represent a normal length, and off you go. Encourages at least the thought process of 'how long have I spent in the shower'. "

D Kingston